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Hair Extensions UK are part of the Mobile Beauty UK group providing mobile hair extensions services to homes all over Maidstone. We have hair technicians all over the Maidstone who will come to your home, office or wedding venue in Maidstone to apply hair extensions.

To get the best hair extension products from the best mobile hair technicians in the UK contact Hair Extensions UK TODAY!!! We can provide you with the best synthetic hair extensions and best human hair extensions so you can be assured you are always in good hands.

Find mobile hair extension technicians in the Maidstone (ME) postal area. Hair technicians listed on this page actually live in Maidstone, if you click on the box with the map of Maidstone below you will be shown more hair professionals working the (ME) postal area.

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Mobile hair extension services in Maidstone

Hair Extensions UK are Mobile Beauty UK’s hair extensions website offering mobile hair extensions services across the UK! Insurance for public liability has been purchased by each and every mobile hair technicians supplied by Hair Extensions UK and they are all qualified in their brand/s of hair extension products. We have some hair technicians that work for us that are not only hair technicians but also have qualifications in hairdressing too.

No matter what you are looking for whether it be human hair extensions or synthetic hair extensions we have hair technicians in Maidstone that can help you. The best hair extension products are used by our technicians such as human hair and synthetic hair. It’s not a problem whether you want to purchase your hair extensions or if you would like our technicians to buy them for you.

Hair technicians in Maidstone and their methods

Here we will show you how our hair technicians apply hair extensions and what are the most common methods used.

Fusion and bonded hair extensions in Maidstone

Fusion and bonding are very similar applications using glue to apply the hair extensions to the client’s hair. If you are looking for a long term solutions fusion extensions will last you long where as bonding will not. Fusion hair extensions can stay attached to the hair for 3-5 months and bonded extensions will last for around a month; extensions worn for long periods of time can damage hair.

Micro rings hair extensions in Maidstone

Micro ring hair extensions are becoming very popular but they are a relatively new treatment to the hair extension industry. At the end of every extension of micro rings there is a small ring which is used to attach the extensions. Using special tools the micro ringlets which are usually made from nickel are clamped together attaching them to the client’s hair. The micro rings on the extensions will not fall apart, rust and are also not magnetic so no need to worry about getting your head stuck to something!! Micro ring extensions can stay applied for up to 4 months but it’s not wise to have them in for that long!

Heat seal hair extensions in Maidstone

Heat seal hair extensions are used to apply synthetic hair extensions more often than human hair extensions. Using low temperatures the hair is heated which then shrinks and attaches to the clients hair. If you keep the heat seal hair extensions in for until they fall out they will stay applied for 4 months.

Ultrasound Hair Extensions in Maidstone

Ultrasound hair extensions are very new and are being used by the rich and famous more than other people but now more and more civilians are getting them too. Ultrasound hair extension applications are by far the most advanced technology when it comes to the application of hair extensions. Check out to see if we have Ultrasound hair extensions in Maidstone as our technicians renew their qualifications all the time so if we don’t have someone now we will do in the near future!

Other hair extension application methods in Maidstone

There are other types of hair extension applications but these are not as sort after as the others mentioned. These consist of manmade skin extensions, tape hair extensions and string hair extensions. Some of the hair extensions just mentioned will be available in Maidstone so check out to see if we can provide them to you.

We try our hardest to provide the best hair extension services as we understand that a women’s hair is the most important part of her body. We understand a women’s need to make sure her hair is always looking great and that is why we have brought to you the best mobile hair extension services to the UK.. More people will use our service when they find out it is cheaper for a hair technician to come to their home then them go to a salon. Going to a salon will become a thing of the past as once you try our service you will never go back.

You will be able to search through all our girls in your area and check out which services them use.m for more info or to book a mobile hair technician to come to your home in Maidstone:

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